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VICTORY! Haslam: “TN will NOT run an Obamacare Exchange”


After thousands of phone calls and e-mails to Governor Haslam's office, the grassroots patriots of Tennessee have pressured Governor Haslam into partly rejecting Obamacare from Tennessee. In a speech today the Governor said that the government of Tennessee will not be setting up an Obamacare Insurance Exchange. More info from his office available here.

The Governor was pushing hard to implement Obamacare in TN behind the guise of having the state government run the Exchange but buckled under pressure from the People of Tennessee. The result is that the feds will not be likely to set up an Exchange in TN because there has been no funding appropriated for it. This is effective nullification of unconstitutional federal law.

There is one other hurdle to stop Obamacare from creeping into Tennessee; and that is the expansion of Medicaid spending. Per the US Supreme Court ruling earlier this year, as long as the government of TN refuses to expand Medicaid spending, then the feds are powerless to further implement Obamacare within the borders of Tennessee!

We have won one victory, we must now keep up the pressure and stop the government of TN from taking the federal bait and getting hooked into an expansion of Medicaid spending. OUR NEXT GOAL IS TO STOP THE TENNESSEE GOVERNMENT FROM PARTICIPATING IN THE EXPANSION OF MEDICAID SPENDING! Doing so will stop Obamacare from slithering into Tennessee.

Fortunately, there is already a bill to do that in the works. Look for more on the second round of this fight coming soon...


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  1. I have written my Congressman several times with no real answers. In the course of my nursing career here in TN I have witnessed people “put” in nursing homes and kept there against their will by “loving” families. I am a nurse whose responsibility was to do assessments of these people for a department of Medicaid to see if the Nursing Home could meet their needs. Of course the NH could! But, the fact is, Medicare and Medicaid fraud runs amok as these people are claimed to be needing certain services that they in fact don’t need, but can be “qualified” for huge payments from Medicare and Medicaid if they are given these services. I have written a book about my experiences, but have failed to have it published at this point. I am just unsure. Rest assured no one is investigating Medicare/Medicaid fraud in these places. We could save billions by cutting the fraud, not cutting the services. All around us here in East TN there are young people on drugs having babies when they could be on contraception. For why? To gain more Medicaid benefits. The children go around in rags and are nearly neglected, but mommy and dad get a check every month plus food and stay drunk on drugs most of the time. One such family had 4 kids…finally taken away from them because they wouldn’t get off drugs. The mother finally overdosed a few months back. Children put up for adoption. Same story all over. Medicaid fraud. Perfectly healthy young men and women claiming back pain, hire a lawyer to get on SSI disability (cause they never worked long enough to earn Social Security Disability)…just so they can stay on drugs. They can be seen working, chopping wood, climbing ladders, etc. But can’t work. Another example of fraud. The state want to do something? Fix the fraud and to be on welfare you have to pass a strict drug screen and the State has to put them to work doing something if it is picking up trash. They have kids? Well, they have to find a babysitter like the rest of us.

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