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Lamar Alexander Tries To SNEAK Internet Sales Tax Into NDAA Bill

Governor Haslam and Lamar Alexander both support a national Internet sales tax

It appears that Senator "Large-Governorment Lamar" Alexander is trying to sneak an Internet sales tax into the Nat'l Defense Authorization Act. From a recent article -

December 03, 2012, 6:42 PM — An effort by three U.S. senators to add an Internet sales tax amendment to a military spending bill has failed, at least for now.

Last week, Senators Dick Durbin, an Illinois Democrat, Mike Enzi, a Wyoming Republican, and Lamar Alexander, a Tennessee Republican, proposed a version of the Marketplace Fairness Act as an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act, a large military spending bill.

But on Monday, the Senate voted to close debate on the defense bill and proceed toward a final vote without considering the sales tax amendment. The senators are unlikely to offer the amendment during final debate on the defense bill, a Senate staffer said...

Still, the trio of senators may try to find another bill to which they can add the sales tax amendment, a spokeswoman for Durbin said.

"Senator Durbin is working with his colleagues ... to look for any opportunity to move the bill," she said by email...

The Marketplace Fairness Act would allow the 46 U.S. states with sales taxes to require online sellers with no physical presence within their borders to collect the tax from their customers. Currently, due to a 1992 Supreme Court ruling, online retailers that have no physical presence in a state don't have to collect sales tax from residents who buy from them. As a result, the states receive no sales tax from those transactions.

Supporters of an online sales tax law say the current system is unfair to brick-and-mortar retailers, who have to tack on tax charges of close to 10 percent in some states, and to states, which lose billions of dollars in tax revenue owed to them...


Contact Senator Lamar's Chief of Staff NOW and tell him "QUIT TRYING TO TAX THE INTERNET" - ryan_loskarn@alexander.senate.gov

Haslam and Alexander have long wanted to tax the Internet:

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