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2012 TN Pork Report Released!

The long-awaited TN Pork Report is out showing you how the TN Government has wasted your money!


From the TN Beacon Center Website:

The Beacon Center of Tennessee today released its 2012 Tennessee Pork Report, exposing the fact that state and local governments across Tennessee wasted $468 million over the past year. This is the seventh annual report published by the Beacon Center, Tennessee’s leading free market think tank.

Examples of wasteful spending outlined in the 2012 Pork Report include:

  • $1.5 million blown on a mansion and lavish furnishings by the head of the Upper Cumberland Development District, taking Beacon’s “Pork of the Year” prize;
  • A handout worth $500,000 to build a country music museum in a different state;
  • Another $1.5 million in corporate welfare to General Motors, even after its historic $50 billion federal bailout;
  • $266,000 to a second car company, Volkswagen, to construct a massive sign atop its Chattanooga plant, visible only from the air;
  • $50,000 to haul off dead cows in Columbia; and
  • $1.3 million wasted yet again on state-owned golf courses.
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Diane Black Enters “Conservative Hall of Shame”


Big-government Congressman Diane Black in TN has earned her way into the Madison Project's "Conservative Hall of Shame"

From their site:

Diane Black was one of those members who ran as a Tea Partier in a conservative district, but turned out to be a big disappointment.  In 2011, she voted against the RSC budget, the effort to reinstate pre-Pelosi spending levels, the elimination of the Solyndra-loan program, and a number of spending cut amendments.  She voted for the debt ceiling deal, the minibus, and omnibus bills that violated every tenet of the Tea Party.  Those votes earned her a dismal 70 average score, and when compared to her conservative district, she qualifies for the Hall of Shame for 2011.

Hall of Shame members who’s conservative ratings are the worst of the worst, radically underperforming the conservative expectations of their districts.  These are our pale-pastel politicians – the ones who blur the distinction between the parties. They muddle the conservative message by supporting their own forms of stimulus, bailouts, and corporate welfare. Their liberal records speak volumes…

Also of note, TN Congressman Phil Roe was awarded a slot in the Hall of Shame too!


Porker Ron Ramsey spends $500k Tennessee tax dollars in Virginia!

Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey, one of the biggest porkers in Tennessee, has just spent $500,000 of YOUR tax dollars to erect a museum... but the museum is in Virginia!!!

The annual "Pork Report" which details the TN government's porkbarrel spending is due out soon; stay tuned for more.

(Watch Ron Ramsey's arrogant reaction in the below video)

Any resemblance?

http://www.mooncostumes.com/image/3830 http://www.nashvillescene.com/binary/f6c6/ramsey1.jpg

Just for kicks, here is a picture of a Ron Ramsey staffer doling out the pork... (click on image to enlarge)


UPDATE, it's released: http://tncampaignforliberty.org/wordpress/2012/06/2012-tn-pork-report-released/


Is Diane Black The Most Corrupt Member Of Congress?

A judge in Tennessee has found that ethics allegations against Representative Diane Black are "true".

From the article:

David Black, husband of Diane Black (R-Gallatin), and his drug testing firm, Aegis Sciences Corporation, filed suit in the midst of a hotly contested U.S. House primary campaign against Lou Ann Zelenik in 2010 after her campaign began airing ads that accused Black of steering millions of dollars in no-bid state contracts to her husband’s firm through her position as a state senator, in violation of state law.

“The communication was true or at least substantially true,” reads the April ruling by Binkley, who sided with Zelenik and summarily dismissed Black’s lawsuit as frivolous....

Documents reveal accusations of Black and her husband profiting from her political power in the state senate were nothing new, having been copied nearly word-for-word from a Tennessee Democratic Party mailer during Black’s 2008 re-election campaign for state senate.

Additionally, Black’s actions were detailed in a December 2007 issue of The Gallatin Newspaper, and were the subject of a WSMV Channel 4 News investigation in January of the same year....

Black and her husband are in the process of building what could be the largest residence in the state, a palatial 27,000-square foot home on Old Hickory Lake in her home county of Sumner, and her required  financial disclosures indicate millions of dollars in yearly profits from Aegis and other ventures.

She is listed as one of the wealthiest members of Congress, and, since her election to the U.S. House of Representatives, Aegis Sciences has expanded heavily by winning additional drug testing contracts nationwide.

SOURCE: http://www.murfreesboropost.com/charges-of-ethics-violations-substantially-true--cms-31530


This makes perfect sense given her previous behavior:

Diane Black FAILS Small Government Test!

Diane Black Votes For More Spending Again!

Is Lt. Gov Ron Ramsey Corrupt With Congresswoman Diane Black? (DNA Bill)

DNA bill scandal possibly uncovered in TN?

Diane Black’s personal finances

Diane Black voted for pork and waste

Tea Party REJECTS Diane Black

Diane Black Votes For More Debt


Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey Tries To Blow Smoke At Conservatives

Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey once again tries to explain away his lack of conservatism by telling conservatives and tea partiers 'how it is'. Again though, no one is buying what he is shoveling.

"Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey doesn’t think Republicans could’ve asked for much more from GOP lawmakers in the session that just ended. Ramsey sees that as one defense to tea partiers looking to unseat incumbents this year.

Ramsey was a tea party favorite when he ran for governor two years ago. He says this summer primary challengers should just look at the current slate of Republicans’ most recent work.... Ramsey says some conservatives prefer an all-or-nothing approach, but he argues that’s not how government works."

SOURCE: http://wpln.org/?p=38277


Corker and Alexander Side With Liberal Democrats On Refusal to Audit Federal Reserve

Why are they against transparency of the Fed?

What are they hiding?

Rep. Scott Desjarlais (TN-4) has joined with Rep. Ron Paul (TX-14) last week to co-sponsor his bill that calls for an audit of the Federal Reserve.

With Rep. Desjarlais’ decision this week, all the Republican Congressmen in Tenn. are now co-sponsors of the bill. Among those not supporting the bill are Democratic Representatives Steve Cohen (TN-9) and Jim Cooper (TN-5) as well as Republican Senators Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker (Senate version is S202). In fact Senator Alexander says the audit "is a bad idea" and Senator Corker refuses to sign on to the full audit.

H.R.459, known as the “Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2011,” would require a full independent unrestricted audit of the Federal Reserve be performed and a detailed report with the findings be provided to Congress by the end of 2012.

Ryan Harring, currently a Tenn. State House candidate and former Rutherford County Campaign for Liberty Coordinator, played a key role in convincing Rep. Desjarlis to support the bill and become a co-sponsor.


Send the Senators' staff an e-mail and let them know that you disapprove of their refusal to allow sunshine on the Federal Reserve!

Senator Corker Chief of Staff:

Senator Corker Legislative Director:

Senator Corker Press Secretary:

Senator Alexander Chief of Staff:

Senator Alexander Legislative Director:

Senator Alexander Press Secretary:


Senator Corker might vote to give U.N. more power!

Asked point-blank about his position on the United Nations Law Of The Sea Treaty (LOST) Senator Corker gave a non-answer which indicated he could potentially vote either way; for or against ratification.

LOST is a treaty which grants more power to the United Nations from the United States. It also imposes burdensome regulations, taxes, and licenses upon American businesses.

The Democrat majority in the US Senate has indicated that it may very well be brought forward in a lame duck session of Congress after the 2012 November election but before the swearing-in of the new class of Senators.


One anonymous political insider remarked that "Corker would not have given this kind of answer if he was going to vote against it... his response indicates he is going to vote for it but doesn't want to tell his conservative Republican base about it before the election".

The only thing that will stop Senator Corker from voting for this globalist aberration is to apply pressure from the voters in Tennessee. Please e-mail his staff and tell them that Senator Corker should vote AGAINST ratification of the Law Of The Sea Treaty:

Chief of Staff:

Legislative Director:

Press Secretary: