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Obamacare slithering in the back door of TN!

Obamacare is slithering into Tennessee thru the back door!

Last week an innocent-looking bill was mysteriously and discreetly filed in the TN Assembly which attempts to lay the groundwork to bring Obamacare into Tennessee! The establishment is attempting to "sneak" Obamacare in without a fight under the guise of something called an "insurance exchange". Essentially they are trying to let Obama regulate health insurance in Tennessee behind your back.

The Governor has ALREADY accepted money from the federal government to start this program!!!

Please call the sponsor of this bill and tell them to KILL THE BILL!!! (HB-2839)

Rep. Charles Michael Sargent
(R-Franklin District 61) — Part of Williamson County

(615) 771-7222 Office #1
(615) 741-6808 Office #2


Senator Corker Flip-Flops While Running For Re-Election


Senator Corker has flip-flopped.

He voted for the bailouts previously earning the moniker "Bailout Bob"...

But now Bob Corker is against bailouts because he is running for re-election as evidenced from his recent press release: http://corker.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?p=News&ContentRecord_id=7321a04f-5866-45f9-879e-72df2ff9094c