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Diane Black Votes For More Spending Again!

Last week Congresswoman Diane Black (R-TN) voted to spend an additional $182 billion funding various government agencies for fiscal 2012. The funding was produced by a joint committee with the Senate over the resistance of some Texans and other conservative House Republicans. Her vote to spend this money comes at a time when the government’s budget crisis is on it’s way to reaching a climax as spending levels are already at an all time high.

Many political observers consider this a poor decision on her part since she is likely vulnerable among not just Tea Partiers but activists within her own party. One prominent local Republican official in her district speaking on condition of anonymity noted “her votes so far to raise spending, increase the debt, voting for pork-laden bills, and past questionable family business deals have given a lot of the local GOP serious pause about supporting her re-election bid. In short, many of us feel she has betrayed the principles of the Party”

Senator Lamar Alexander from Tennessee voted for this spending increase as also.

See her vote here:


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