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Like NetFlix? Go to jail in TN now…

Do you like NetFlix for watching movies?

Do you know that if you share your Netflix password in TN you could now actually face JAIL TIME?!!?

That's right!
The Tennessee legislature in conjunction with Governor Haslam bowed to pressure of the dinosaur media companies (who probably donated heavily to their campaigns) to not only make it a crime to share your password, but making the punishment so severe that you could go to jail for doing so.

Do we actually live in a free society?!!

Here are the details of this new law:

Now of course no one is disputing that these services and content providers need a way to ensure they are not being "ripped off" however traditionally these sort of issues simply involved a lawsuit or fine against the perpetrators. Actually throwing an individual in jail for this type of activity is not only absurd, it's a waste of taxpayer dollars.

To see what other atrocious legislation the government in TN passed this session, visit this page which is conveniently sorted by subject:

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