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Is Lt. Gov Ron Ramsey Corrupt With Congresswoman Diane Black? (DNA Bill)

An interesting development...

Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey's recent bill to forcefully steal DNA from innocent individuals was introduced into the TN Legislature a few weeks ago. Of course this bill has serious Constitutional issues, but that aside, following the money trail causes one to ask if the Lt. Governor is being corrupted by Congresswoman Diane Black and her husband's successful medical testing company?

Here are the FACTS easily laid out (but don't take our word for it, do your own research):

1-Lt Governor Ron Ramsey introduced a bill to steal DNA by force from innocent individuals and then store the DNA records in a government database : http://wapp.capitol.tn.gov/apps/BillInfo/Default.aspx?BillNumber=SB0257&ga=107

2-Congresswoman Diane Black's husband, David Black, owns Aegis labs which is a very lucrative, entrenched, and politically connected corporation (it employs Bill Frist): http://www.aegislabs.com/About_Aegis

3-Aegis labs specializes in forensics and law enforcement crime lab testing, etc holding multiple government contracts. Congresswoman Diane Black's husband's company could potentially stand to vastly increase their revenue at the expense of taxpayers if this bill passes: http://politics.nashvillepost.com/?s=aegis

4-Congresswoman Diane Black's husband, David Black, has given thousands of $$ to Lt Governor Ron Ramsey's campaigns: http://www.state.tn.us/tref/

Hmmm.... Do you think there could possibly be a connection here?

Besides Lt Governor Ron Ramsey's blatant disregard for the Constitution's prohibition on unreasonable search and seizure, despite Lt Governor Ron Ramsey's sidestepping of serious questions about the bill, despite Lt Governor Ron Ramsey's inability to explain the necessity and Constitutionality of this bill, one has to wonder if Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey has introduced this bill at the direction of one of his major donating families, Diane and David Black?

Furthermore, other questions about this DNA-grabbing bill linger --
Was there any quid-pro-quo?
Is Lt Governor Ron Ramsey the puppet of Congresswoman Diane Black and her husband's mega corporation?
Did the Lt Governor take a "legal" bribe?
How much money would Congresswoman Diane Black and her husband potentially profit from the passage of this bill?
Is Lt Governor Ron Ramsey simply paying back Aegis and the Black family for generous campaign contributions by introducing this bill?
Have any ethics violations transpired by either Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey or Congresswoman Diane Black?

If this issue concerns you, then you should call the Lt Governor and ask him these questions yourself!
And while you have him on the phone you should tell him to yank the big-government statist Obama-like DNA bill he has introduced (SB257).

Personal cell phone: 423-340-8700 (leave a voice mail - if it's full, call back the next day or later in the night)
Personal e-mail address: ltgovramsey@aol.com

Also please post on his Facebook pages your thoughts about this so that others can see:


Be sure to copy the following e-mail addresses too:
lt.gov.ron.ramsey@capitol.tn.gov (his official e-mail address)

And if you can't get him on his cell phone, call his office phone numbers:
(423) 323-8700
(615) 741-4524

You can also contact Congresswoman Diane Black's office for questions too:


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